It all starts with a dream and a strategy to get there

Work : Marketing Strategy

Unlike most marketing firms, we don't just respond to tactical requests. We have over 40 years of combined experience holding executive level positions in small to mid-sized businesses. We know how to take a company from start-up to $10M because we have done it. We can help you use your marketing dollars smarter to produce better results.

We believe that a good marketing strategy consists of both a solid brand and communications strategy.

Brand Strategy - We define brand strategy as the controlled approach to guiding the perception of consumers about your company or products.

We all make judgments about people based on their clothes, what they drive, what they say, how they act and the company they keep. By a complex mix of these inputs, we decide whom we “like” and whom we don’t. The same thing applies to companies. In the business world, this mix of attributes is called your brand. It is the way that consumers think about you and ultimately decide whether to “like” you and buy your products.

Marketing Communications - We define marketing communications as the medium, the message and the delivery mechanism to a specific target market. Whether it is a web site, video, brochure, billboard or email campaign, Xsalta has the creative skills and experience to get your message out there in a compelling way.

As a general philosophy when it comes to marketing communications, we like an iterative, testing process that provides real knowledge and less speculation. We require a firm understanding of the "exact, measurable" outcome that you want. Then we develop strategies to get there. We test these strategies using the least amount of resources, to discover what works. These test strategies become the basis for the larger marketing plan and virtually guarantees results.