It all starts with a dream and a strategy to get there

Work : Brand Strategy

Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to brand development that doesn't just reside in the marketing department. We consider everything from your product attributes to price and positioning in the marketplace. Literally everything that you say and do paints a picture to consumers. Companies like Harley Davidson didn't accidentally build their brand. Yes, it probably started organically but as the company grew it fostered and tailored its brand identity.

As brand strategists, our work is not to change the company. Our job is to understand the company, define it and find the best way to present it to consumers. We strive to do this in a way that matters and differentiates them from competitors. A clearly understood brand definition will not only guide marketing efforts but nearly every aspect of the company.

It sounds pretty simple; however, it can be very difficult for people within the organization to do this. It is like trying to describe your self versus a friend. It is much more difficult to get a good perspective from within. Xsalta has helped many companies step back and get a clear picture of their reality, especially as it relates to competitors and customers.

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