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Work : Case Study

NPC, Claysburg, PA

NPC, an approximately $50M company, was having trouble communicating their diverse service offerings and giving a good first impression to new customers.
Xsalta came into the company and spent several weeks meeting with various stakeholders to get a true perspective of the core company brand. In this case, it truly was the visual presentation of the company that was misleading. The marketing materials being used had amateur design, photography and a very industrial looking color scheme. It gave all the visual cues that NPC was a “country hick” company from central Pennsylvania that couldn’t handle high quality, technically sophisticated jobs.

After the development of a detailed branding document and a complete visual makeover, NPC began to present themselves accurately to new customers. Their new face as an honest, steadfast, detail-minded, smart, hardworking company was not only accurate it resonated with potential customers and differentiated them from the competition.

We also simplified the service offerings by classifying them into three categories making approximately 20 services more digestible as three distinct groupings. This simplification lead to a graphic depiction of services that was successfully used on everything from trade show graphics to printed brochures.