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Work : Web Development

Web development companies often either have great design skills and poor technical skills or vice versa. Xsalta is a unique blend of both. We have excellent design skills and the technical chops to handle even the most challenging jobs. We combine development savvy with a strong marketing sense to deliver top notch Web sites.

Rock Ethics Institute

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Client: Penn State Rock Ethics Institute

Profile: The Rock Ethics Institute suffered from a lack of consistent visual identity. This not only hindered the effectiveness of their current marketing materials, it also clouded the communication of the overall mission of the institute.

Xsalta's primary objective was to establish visual identity guidelines so that all Institute marketing materials can easily be identified and core messaging rules to provide consistent, clear communications.


Client: IMC

Profile: IMC is an economic development organization that provides the manufacturers of Central PA with objective advice, strategic perspectives and needed resources.

Over the years, Xsalta helped to develop and guide the IMC brand. It had been 3 years since the last significant web site upgrade. Xsalta was charged with taking the IMC web site to the next level. We made numerous changes to the technology, the content and the overall structure of the site to make it more useful, easier to navigate and easier to maintain.

KCF Technologies

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Client: KCF Technologies

Profile: KCF Technologies is a technology company that provides a variety of high-tech products and services. As they grew, they recognized the need to freshen up their Web presence. This, in conjunction with a problematic online quoting system, prompted a Web redesign.

Xsalta delivered and newly designed site with a clearer emphasis on the products. In addition, the site was designed so that KCF Tech personnel could internally maintain the site.

Client: Penn State Department of Architecture

Profile: Xsalta has been there from the start with the development of the first web site for the Department of Architecture. Over the years, we have helped the department to maintain and grow the site.

Most recently, Xsalta added several new visual upgrades, new site navigation and necessary changes to meet PSU Web design standards.

Grace Lutheran Church

Client: Grace Lutheran Church

Profile: Grace Lutheran Church is a large church with approximately 1,000 members located in downtown State College. Over the years, the needs of their site had changed dramatically. It was determined that not only the "look and feel" needed to be updated but also the functionality. They wanted more control internally, an online calendar and the ability to create e-newsletters, blogs, and photo albums.

To add all of the needed functionality, Xsalta migrated their existing web site to an open source CMS platform called Joomla and redesigned the interface with a fresh new look.

Application Development

Penn State Rec Facilities

Client: Penn State

Profile: There are eight recreational facilities scattered across Penn State campus to serve the recreation needs of students, staff and faculty. Some had web sites and some did not. Those that had web sites were all handling them independently on different servers, using different technology and each with its own "look and feel".

Xsalta was hired to bring them all together in one place, on one server with a consistent "look and feel" and a uniform approach to making updates.

PSU Team Sports

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Client: Penn State

Profile: Penn State Team Sports wanted to create an electronic version of their paper-based system used for tracking athletics.

Xsalta was hired to define, specify and build a system that would replace the paper-based system. The system allows athletes to login and manage their contact and class information. It also keeps track of athlete eligibility requirements making sure that all paperwork is completed, physicals are taken and dues are paid.

In a second phase to this project, the system was expanded to allow staff and coaches to better manage team travel requests. Now they have eliminated the flurry of emails surrounding a trip and manage it all through the system. They can specify who is going on the trip, the full itinerary with all the confirmation numbers, necessary phone numbers and contacts, and even sending excuse notes to professors for the athletes that are traveling.


Client: Diamondback Automotive

E-commerce Platform: MIVA

Profile: Diamondback Automotive started manufacturing diamond plate trim from the scrap diamond plate generated from their core business. They wanted to sell these products online. In order to reduce large up front cost, they entered into a profit sharing agreement with Xsalta to build the e-commerce site.

Xsalta designed and built the site while Diamondback initially handled the online marketing. After three months of modest activity, Xsalta took over the web marketing and in just two months have doubled sales.

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