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about us : XSALTA DEfinition

We are often asked, "what does Xsalta mean?" We have had a lot of fun with this over the years but the honest answer is:

When developing our company name, we were looking for a word that embodied the essence of upward movement, jumping off and taking things to a new level. No one word seemed to fit the bill so we made one up by combining the words exalt and salta.

exalt - verb (used with object)

  1. to raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality, etc.; elevate: He was exalted
  2. to stimulate, as the imagination: The lyrics of Shakespeare exalted the audience.
  3. to intensify, as a color: complementary colors exalt each other.

saltar - intransitive verb (Language: Spanish)

  1. to jump, to leap
  2. to bounce
  3. to come off, to pop out